Our Lady of Victories

The First French Roman Catholic Parish in Boston

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Welcome to the Our Lady of Victories Web Site. It is the joy and privilege of the Marist Fathers to serve you on the Internet. As you can see in the photo, our Shrine, completed in 1891, is very beautiful. It is located in the Back Bay section of Boston about a five minute walk from the Back Bay Train Station and eight minutes from the South End of the Boston Common.
The Shrine is named for Our Blessed Mother, Mary, who leads us to Jesus and VICTORY over the struggles, hurts, addictions, sufferings, sicknesses and sins of life. The statue of Our Lady of Victories shows Mary holding her son on the globe of the world. Jesus wears the crown of Victory through his death on the cross. Mary wears a crown of Victory because she was the first to believe when the angel appeared to her at the Incarnation. She stood in silent belief at the foot of the cross and then saw the victory of her Son in the Resurrection and Ascension.

It is our hope that this Shrine will be a place of destination and pilgrimage when you are in Boston. Come and pray here and allow Mary to gently lead you to the open arms of her Son. We priests of the Society of Mary will happily pray and celebrate with you the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Anointing of the Sick.

Many have asked to have their Marriages here. It is our joy to serve you if it is possible. Please read the directives for Marriage in the special section locate here.

If you are not able to come to Boston and would like special prayers or advice, you can contact us through the email or phone number listed on the web page. You can have Masses offered for your intentions throughout the year.

May Mary watch over you and lead you to the Victory of peace in mind and heart which only Her Son, Jesus, can bring.

Sincerely in the love of Jesus and Mary,
The Parish Team


Bulletin this week

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Download the Bulletin for December 14, 2014



Isn’t interesting how anger can ruin a delightful day? Someone says or does something that rubs us the wrong way and from within we feel the cloud of anger begin to sweep over us. Anger is neither right nor wrong. It is an emotion. It is part of who we are and can be destructive or constructive depending on our response to the feeling. Some people can deal with anger quickly and let it go. Others have a deep well of anger that surfaces like an oil gusher and soaks everything around them.

In this season of Advent, in preparation for Christmas, we might look at our anger scale. Does my anger control me? Are my family members or office mates uneasy around me? Do I have a rage inside of me that explodes quickly? Does my anger show itself in a silent treatment or sarcasm?

When anger is an issue it is good to look for someone or some situation to forgive. Oftentimes, past hurts have never been forgiven. There are people whose mentioned name brings on a negative reaction. Memories of parents and siblings, uncles and aunts can bring to the surface hurts and scars. How can we be healed from destructive anger?

First I must admit that there is an issue. (Personally, I had to own up to angers inside me that erupted at the strangest times.) Next, I must go to Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and honestly tell him I don’t want it in my life. Then follows a most difficult part; ask Jesus to reveal to you where forgiveness is needed. As I view people and events that have brought anger, I begin to say the words, “I forgive you.” Even if I don’t want to or feel anger, I say the words. Finally, I begin to pray for the persons who angered me.

These steps are not easy but they bring inner peace and change us. Jesus is the one who helps us in this process. Without him it is almost impossible.

Peace in Jesus,

Fr. Joe


We again are asking your help so that we can decorate our beautiful church with flowers for Christmas. Donation envelopes are available in the pews and also near the inner doors at the entrances of the church. We are thankful in advance for your thoughtfulness and generosity.


During the Masses here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with the permission of the Archdiocese, the collection will be taken up for the support of the elderly and retired priests of the Archdiocese of Boston. We Marists are allowed to collect your contributions for our own elderly and retired Marist priests. A number of them live here with us on Isabella St. in our Marist Community. We are grateful for the generosity and concern of all who contribute to this collection. In the name of the elder members of the Society of Mary, thank you very much! God bless you!


You are invited to attend a Comedy Night to be held at St. Clement’s Shrine on Wednesday, December 17th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The suggested donation is $10.00. “Clean” comedy only!


A special welcome to all of you participating in our Masses this weekend! Today we celebrate together the Third Sunday of Advent and we light the third candle on our Advent wreath, the one that is rose-colored (pink). Why a different color today? It’s meant to reflect the joy we have within us as we draw closer to the celebration of Christmas, a joy no one can take away from us. Traditionally, today is called “Gaudete” Sunday; “gaudete” is a Latin word which means rejoice. The word is present in today’s second reading from St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians 4:4 (“Rejoice in the Lord always”).  We are past the halfway point of Advent, and looking forward to Christmas, we can’t help but rejoice. We celebrate because we know Christ has already come among us in the Incarnation 2,000 years ago and we look ahead to the celebration of Christ’s birth at Christmas this year with all our hearts. At the same time, we need to recognize that there are many who aren’t joyful at this time of year because of the difficult circumstances they face in their lives. As followers of Christ, we need to realize that it’s not too late to make this Christmas a more blessed one for someone in need. We can reach out to a lonely or homebound person with love and generosity, we can offer an unexpected Christmas present to someone, or find another way to bring hope and joy to others, serving as instruments by bringing “tidings of comfort and joy” to others. May God help us to share our joy and blessings with each other in these days before Christmas! God bless us all.




9:30 A.M. AND 11:00 A.M.



This past week we received $251.00 from the week-day collection and $1,382.00 from the week-end collection. We thank you for your generosity.


You are invited to have a year-long candle lighted in memory of loved ones who have died or for some other special intention. This is a way to honor Mary in recognizing her powerful intercession and love both for us and for our loved ones. Envelopes are provided in the back of the church and to the left of the Grotto. We ask for a donation of seventy-five dollars.


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Litany of Our Lady of Victories

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LET US PRAY:  Our Lady of Victories, we come before you in prayer.  You are in complete union with the will of the Father and with the mission of your Son, Jesus Christ.  We ask your intercession that all that binds us and burdens us will be overcome by the saving death and resurrection of your Son.  We pray in His name, Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives forever and ever. Amen.


V.     Lord, have mercy.                                          R.     Lord, have mercy.

V.     Christ, have mercy.                                       R.     Christ, have mercy.

V.     Lord, have mercy.                                          R.     Lord, have mercy.


V.     God, the Father of heaven,                            R.     have mercy on us.

V.     God the Son, our Redeemer,                        R.     have mercy on us.

V.     God the Holy Spirit                                          R.     have mercy on us.

V.     Holy Trinity, One God,                                    R.     have mercy on us.


V.     Holy Mary, Mother of God,                                                R.     pray for us.

V.     Our Lady of Victories,                                                        R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over lack of faith,                                             R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over sin, both personal and social,              R.     pray of us.

V.     For victory over the culture of death,                               R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over abortion and euthanasia,                      R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over war and all forms of violence,              R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory of sexual and physical abuse,                      R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over pornography and sexual exploitation, R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over racial hatred and prejudice,                  R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over poverty and homelessness,                  R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over alcoholism and drug addiction,            R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over nicotine and gambling addiction,         R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over all forms of addiction,                             R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over cancer and heart disease,                     R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over dementia and Alzheimer’s disease,    R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over HIV/AIDS,                                                R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over mental and emotional illness,              R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over all sickness and disease,                     R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over family strife and discord,                       R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over ignorance and fear,                               R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over materialism and greed,                         R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over indifference and negligence,               R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over pride and a judgmental spirit,              R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over despair and hopelessness,                 R.     pray for us.

V.     For victory over the bonds of death itself,                      R.     pray for us.


V.     That our parish might trust in your will,                                                                  R.    Hear us, O Lord.

V.     That our community might share more fully in the victory of your Son,              R.    Hear us, O Lord.

V.     That our community might grow, both in faith and in numbers,                            R.    Hear us, O Lord.


V.     Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,                                          R.     spare us, O Lord.

V.     Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,                                          R.    hear us, O Lord.

V.     Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,                                           R.     have mercy on us.


LET US PRAY: Loving and merciful God, hear with a longing to share more fully in the victory of your

Son in His cross and resurrection.  With the intercession of Mary, our Mother and Our Lady of Victories, we offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns forever and ever.  Amen.


27 Isabella Street

(Corner of Berkeley & Columbus)

Boston, MA 02116

(617) 426-4448
Fr. Joe McLaughlin, SM, Pastor


Church Hours:

Monday through Saturday

7am - 5:30pm

Sunday 7am  - 12pm



Monday through Friday

7:15 a.m.

12:10 p.m.


9:00 a.m.

5:00 p.m. (vigil)


8:00 a.m.

9:30 a.m.

11:00 a.m.

Civil Holidays

9:00 a.m. only



11:55 a.m. Mon-Fri

and 4:30 p.m. Saturday.



Wednesdays: 3:30 - 5:30pm

with Benediction at 5:30pm

First Friday Adoration:

7:15am - 10:00am


Monday Bible Study:

5:00pm - 6:00pm

(ring at 27 Isabella St.)


Spiritual Direction available:

Please call (617) 426-4448

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